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2017, from a cat perspective


Ok, so I’m not sure why (maybe I’m crazy) but I’ve been tracking things related to our cats throughout the year. Which means I can now give you a delightful (hope you’re not eating) report to analyse and enjoy.

In 2017 our cats…

  • Brought 13-15 mice into the house
    • 6 were not caught in the act
    • 2 were brought by Kasper
    • 4 were brought by Jesper + he brought three in one night, so we aren’t sure if they were three different mice or not
  • One bird brought indoors by Jesper
  • 34 ticks were in our house
    • 10 were on Kasper, of which 2 were not stuck in his skin yet
    • 24 were on Jesper, of which 16 were just crawling around in his fur


Personal analysis comes to the conclusion that mice and birds only get brought indoors if the weather is too horrible to enjoy the snack outside. This is supported by the fact only one bird made it indoors, hardly anything is brought inside in the summer and we have additionally seen them enjoy outdoors snacks. I also draw the conclusion that Kasper has picked up on us chasing them back out if we see them enter the house with meals (he is very smart after all).

Concerning ticks, I conclude that a) ticks are much easier to spot in Jesper’s white fur, b) they might have an easier time grabbing on to his fur than Kasper’s and c) Jesper might spend more time in places with many ticks than Kasper.

I thank you and apologize for this blog post and assure you there will be another in a year (we have already logged one mouse in this year’s calendar)!


Rumour has it


We have a working toilet, and I can confirm, it is true!

Yesterday since about 1600, I was gladly announcing that I was going to the toilet – because I can!! Cheering and waving my hands every occasion. Thankfully it didn’t stick and I am able to go normally now, without celebration. 

So today I worked on getting our mirror up, I did most of it on my own (I love IKEA – Lego for grown ups), and T was busy trying to plaster the seams in the kitchen. He will continue tomorrow I think. 

Well, here it is in all its glory, currently the finest room in this house (despite missing light and a working tap)!

On a side note, I cut my fringe yesterday and now I look 15 again…

Jesper was enjoying the view from the kitchen window today. He is such a little hero, he got badly beaten by Bully yesterday. Now I know the feeling of spray on my face when a cat comes in with a bleeding ear and decides to give it a shake…

But nothing ever breaks his spirits!

Itd dringh


Now that it’s practically summer, Spring has hit full scale. Blowing my nose, sneezing, blowing my nose, itchy eyes, blowing my nose, you get the picture. 

Yesterday Jesper came in with yet another fresh slash on his nose. 

But! I think he got a strike on Black Bully as well, coz I picked this out of his claws:

And as usual, Jesper seemed to be in no distress at all, so all’s good. 

Just as I’m writing this, Kasper came in!! It’s way too early! Then again, I think I let him out 230 last night… He has visibly lost weight, which is good, since the vet told me a while back he really shouldn’t gain any more. Happy, purry cat. Often comes with a Christmas tree scent these days. 

Yesterday the electrician came to set up our new fuse box and do the wiring upstairs. He made sure we had sockets in tactical places for heaters but also added “not that it matters much, I’ll be selling you a heat pump before long”. 

Today roof guy and Luigi emerged to sync their status. Luigi apparently still had some piping left to do, but he finished by 1400 or so. I’m not really expecting anyone bothering to come on Friday. 

We decided to head to Ekenäs to see if the handicraft shop there would have a 1:4 ruler which I need for my entrance exam next week. Last year I borrowed one from school, since my own was gone. I have since found it but also lost it again, of course. Stupid thin transparent thing. Since we were there we sampled the sea and I regret a bit not bringing swim gear. The water was not cold. As proven by this fine Englishman casually standing around. 

When we came back, Black Bully was owning the street, lying nonchalantly on the sidewalk. 

Imagine then our surprise when we take a look at our garden!

This second black and white was however pawing playfully at something in the grass and acted a lot more cautious in general. Also noticed this one has a white chin. Rather cute. But they sure look the same at a quick glance!

Happy vappu!


Vappu is the traditional Finnish celebration of the 1st of May, where you get drunk, assemble at a market place or park and stab someone (as opposed to Juhannus, which is the celebration of Midsumer, where you get drunk, go swimming and drown yourself). Some might argue it’s a celebration with balloons, wigs and funny hats, but I’m pretty insistent on my perception and thus never celebrated. 

This year, however having nothing short of summer (actually, I pointed out earlier how absurd summer is without any swallows), we decided to celebrate with the less traditional barbecue at home. 

First, we wanted to do some garden work. We bought a wheel barrow yesterday that needed assembling. So T handled that job while I raked the “sitting area” so it would be a bit nicer for our barbecue. 

Wheel barrel, assemble!

Now that T is the proud owner of both wheel barrel, wellies and a new spade, he was eager to start digging again. The plan is to dig a “path” out of our garden for the water, and then fill it up with something easily flooding through. We might add some stones or tiling on the top to make it a walkable path but we haven’t decided yet. I did my usual walking around taking pictures of everything I find interesting. 

 These look interesting, I wonder what they will be when they grow up!

I really like the shade of green of these swirly ones. 

Jesper came to keep us company and see what we were up to now and then. (We are slowly getting used to Kasper only popping in for about 4-5 hours once it gets dark.) He thought having his own pond flavoured drink dispenser was very handy!

Speaking of pond, we’ve only had it for a day, and already there are waterboatmen in it?!

Before long it was time to start the barbecue. 

Sun, barbecue, beer and f1 on the laptop. Does it get any better than this? We think not. 

All full of delicious food, T went back to digging and I went on to blogging. He warned me my face and shoulders are turning rather pink. Not sure if it’s visible on the picture, since it’s hard to make out things on a phone when you’re out in the sun. 

Friday picture spam


Last post’s plea for aid to recognise a growing plant seemed a lot too easy. (I was told it was some sort of thistle). 

How about this one?

I think they could well be dandelions, but I’ve never seen them look so frail and salady

Today was an awesomely sunny day again so here’s a picture of the hvitveis!

T dug up some more bones and I added my foot for size comparison. 

Have we discovered a dog’s old cache?
T also wanted to experiment with the bog, so he dug a (submarine shaped) hole!

Indoors team Luigi seems to be all done for now, all pipes and sewage is in place. But that’s boring, so here’s a pic of Jesper chilling in the garden with us instead. 

Meanwhile, I’ve heard it’s snowing in Norway. 

Time flies


I haven’t blogged all week?!

Well, roof guys are done now! Upstairs is all insulated now and we keep a good +14 downstairs now, seems even warmer upstairs.  

The last bit was fixing up the chimney up on the roof. I felt very sorry for them one day, when we had this short but super intense hail fall while they were up there. And that’s been the weather mostly all week. We have rain, sun, rain, sun, hail, sun. And any two at the same time. Not sure if Spring just is crazy this year or if this is the norm over here?

Kasper is greatly enjoying the outdoors (which I always knew he would), it remains to see if dragging sticks in through the window will be a regular thing. I let him out at 4am today and he only got back in about an hour ago. 

We have also found out that the big tree serves as a club house. Both cats were dashing across the garden and diving into the tree the other day when it was raining. Fat Tabby really wanted to enter but I’m guessing it’s a boys only club. 

Jesper lost his collar somewhere today. And he had a fight with Black Bully. They had a face off right under the living room window, Jesper held his ground really well, but I felt that BB didn’t quite get the message so I chased him off. Jesper’s now has a pretty ugly bite mark on his front leg, a fresh little scratch on his nose, but he is very fine and we are very proud of our brave little boy. 

As for us, we went today to Bauhaus to choose out tiles for our bathroom, which roof guys promised to make us. And Surprise! We left the store with a Flymo! They only had two in the store so we didn’t want to chance buying it later, since we didn’t believe anyone even sold them over here. Before we headed back we hit Iso Omena (big apple shopping center) and stocked up on Linda McCartney sausages and Cheatin’ bacon rashers. Yey!

This week in pictures


(Simply because that’s how I remember what’s going on)

The roof guys started work upstairs on Tuesday! By the end of the day, this was the result:  


The plumber (known as Mario, of course) also came to have a look at what to do next. He said we need to tear up more floor in the kitchen and pretty much empty the room in the basement where we have been storing wood. Oh well. 

Wednesday I spent away from home. I handed in my pre-entrance exam assignments for my university application (a whole four minutes before the dead line). It was extremely springy in town, 14 degrees! Then I spent about an hour in the rush traffic to go to a shopping center where I could hang around until my sing-along social night with the choir. (Coming back was 20 minutes, if that gives you an idea of the extent of the traffic.) There were only 8 of us eating tacos and singing but we had a great time. 
Yesterday I was having a headache day so I started reading our Help, we have a garden! book which we got for Christmas. T was doing some clearing up in the basement. 

The boys still enjoy the outdoor even though it’s been raining quite a bit. 

Muddy paws!  

No problem, says Jesper, I know just where to go to get cleaned up!  

 Yes, that would be my bed. But the mud isn’t really so bad compared to the flakes of paint which come crashing down from the ceiling when the workmen are bashing around. 

Today the workmen brought a wood chips vacuumer and cleared up the floor before starting to set up roof insulation. They even promised to open up the remaining walls upstairs and get rid of the sawdust there for us, yey! So I sneaked up and took some process pictures! 

  They covered up our stairs to keep the dust out!
 The workmen mostly enter and leave through a ladder to the balcony. 

 Why don’t you try and orientate yourself around these three pics.         
We also had the electrician our roof guy recommended us pop by to evaluate our situation. I strongly suspect the electrician and roof guy are old classmates or something, coz I think the electrician just hung around upstairs until the roof guys finished for the day. But I might be wrong. 

So not only has Jesper muddy paws, he thinks my feet are dirty too, and gave them a thorough wash today while I was reading.    
 In local news: the circus is in town. This is the circus we went to see together ages ago, and it’s really good. Not only is it in town, we found out shortly after buying this place (after seeing many of their cars driving around), it’s from town (well, slightly outside)!

We also surprisingly found out someone else who’s coming to town. We still aren’t quite sure if it’s a joke or not, though.  

And after reading the gardening book I was very happy to see new flowers spring  up in our own garden! My guess is crocus.    
 I also almost stomped on this Snailio Iglesias with my new wellies (aren’t they fab?)  

 I think that’s all I had to remember this time!

Just kidding!

My sock amount competition results are in and the winner is *drumroll* my dear mother with her guess of 117 individual socks, as the right answer was 116! Thanks to all who participated and I’m glad you enjoyed the excitement. 


The great outdoors!


As we all know, it’s much less scary outdoors after dark (…), so come 2300 last night and Jesper was ready to explore!! He did like three laps around the house and a lot of sniffing, very brave little boy. We concluded the ladder was a bit too steep, so we propped it up on the bench after all.

 Today we gave them another chance to go out, and Jesper was out in a jiffy, exploring more of our muddy garden (it rained over night). Kasper still is very sceptic about the ladder, so I carried him out again. This time he thought it was maybe ok to hang out a bit.

Jesper, explorer of the big world! We just know where those muddy paws will end up…

All of a sudden we notice something interesting!

What are these strangers doing in my playground?! 

Of course Kasper was absolutely oblivious to the intruder.

This bench smells interesting. (Gee, I wonder why) 

This garden thing sure is cool (how blind can you get?!) 

In the end the cat got fed up with being ignored and let them know.

Oh Kasper, how brave you are. Jesper however stayed around to defend the territory. Not too surprisingly, all this action attracted the attention of the other neighbourhood cat (known as the Fat Tabby).

Can you spot all three cats? 

But then the neighbour dog came and chased Fat Tabby off, and Jesper ran indoors.

What chaos we made!

Quick small project


So spring is getting quite on its way and we’d like to give the cats a chance to enjoy the great outdoors as well. 

Took us about an hour maybe to make this chicken coop style ladder for the cats to get in and out through the living room window. 

Well… They were rather sceptic to the idea.  

Since Kasper was still eager to leave the living room through the door, I picked him up and took him outdoors. It was very scary, he was clinging onto me (reminds me of traveling together going through airport security). But hey at least he was out and he did understand that he could get back inside using the ladder!

Palm Sunday


It is tradition in Finland for children to make a “vitsa” (basically a decorated twig of pussy willow), dress up as witches and cast a good luck charm in exchange of candy. I’ve never experienced any of this tradition of my own, but now that we live in a house, we have received our first good luck charm stick thing!

4 boys gave us luck and good health  
On Friday we finished putting SPU on the window wall in the green room. This required to move the stuff out of the way. The whole floor has been clean like that in November or so…

I don’t have a picture of the finished wall, because the last piece was not being cooperative and refused to fit in however we shaved off the side, so by the time it finally fit I was so fed up and just hit the shower. 

Instead I do have a picture of Jesper’s opinion on our renovation. 

 This is highly unacceptable! I demand you let me join immediately! 

In other news I was supposed to sing a concert in Mäntsälä today but have another killer headache (due to cutting down on my meds (yey!!) I suspect). Taking 1g paracetamol every other hour to keep a lid on it really wasn’t an option…


Jesper is resting in his new basket which finally returned from being washed after Kasper peed in it.