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main bedroom


I’ve spent most of the last month doing my favorite thing (NOT!), plastering!

We are still waiting for the window to be fitted on the outer wall so I’m just doing what I am able to do before that happens, once that happens the rest of the bedroom should get completed fairly quickly, very exciting!

First thing to do was to remove 5 or so layers of wallpaper from the chimney stonework, this is how it looked before:


Then after I took off the  wallpaper:


Next thing do, fit a slim piece of plasterboard to the new wall I made next to the chimney:


Seems good! It turned out that we had just barely enough plasterboard left to do the outer walls of the walk-in-closet, so next job was to fit those! Very happy that we are out of plasterboard now, the end of my plastering nightmare is almost in reach! Definitely just going to use wall panels for everything else remaining.



First bits:


more bits:


finished! :


You might have noticed a bit of damage on the plasterboards, these are nearly all pieces of plasterboard I was not expecting to use, they were not in great condition unfortunately, but I was fairly confident I could make them look ok when actually plastering the seams.

Speaking of plastering…I then spent weeks and weeks plastering and losing my sanity! Thankfully I have some really good podcasts to listen to while I work, I am pretty sure I would have given up on this whole project by now if I didn’t have such interesting things to listen to while I work!

Here is the end result of the chimney wall + the new wall:


The inner wall inside the walk-in-closet also has a bit of the chimney exposed, this bit of wall was badly damaged (not by us!) and needed some really extreme plastering, here is how it looked before:


As you can see, it is pretty badly damaged and the top right is so damaged that the actual bricks inside the chimney are exposed! After half a bucket of plaster, it still looked quite bad and it kept cracking, so I added a layer of mesh tape to give it some structural support. I use these between each piece of plasterboard normally, otherwise they tend to show cracks after a while. I unfortunately did not do this for the first few rooms we did in the house so they have annoyingly formed a few wall cracks already, ah well, lesson learned. Anyway, here is the mesh I made:


A few layers later, it had stopped cracking and looks okay enough:


So now half of the room is ready for painting, other half is on hold until the window is fitted, here is a weird panorama of how the plastered side currently looks:


Pretty good!

We had a few issues with our roof during the winter so in order to fix it we had to get a hatch fitted so the workmen could get into it, here is the hole they cut into the “loft”:


It is a hole, but they just put some slabs of insulation over it to stop the heat escaping while it was work-in-progress. Here is the hatch completed:


So that is where we are at currently! Time to get back to finding small things to do while we wait for the windows to be fitted!


Getting there


Time flies and I’ve forgotten to post updates. Without much further ado:

Having a light wall really makes a difference on the overall brightness of the space!

Entranced by change 


(I swear I’m gonna run out of puns soon)

Again, didn’t have time to take pictures before choir duty on Wednesday and yesterday we went to Turku. 

Next step (pun intended) required some precisely shaped plasterboard. We made a template from a paper roll to make sure it would be a good fit. 

And it was!

Just one small section of wall left and this corner will be done. 

Today we finally bought a replacement handle for our sauna door. Metal handle in a place that easily gets 100 degrees is a bad idea and a replacement has been on my mind for a long time. So we bought a wood knob and a roller latch. 

T is working on it right now so the after pic will have to wait until next time. 

Happy weekend!

Making an entrance


I didn’t have time to take a picture of our progress before going to choir practice yesterday and of course when I got back it was dark. 

Today’s progress isn’t very visible since it was mostly more framework but I assure you, a lot was done. The floor temperature has already gone up by 4 degrees (but T pointed out it might be a warmer day to begin with). 

Project Entrance


Fast forward a year or so, and we have more or less finished our living room (just need to get the plugs and light switch installed by the electrician). 

Now it’s time to get this entrance up and running. Let’s see how well I manage to keep updates going. 

Today we ripped off the last of the wallpaper and tried getting out all the annoying small nails. 

So here’s where we are today (with an ever so small sneak peak into our living room in the background):

Darryl blog thing!


Time for an update of stuff I have been doing which was not mentioned in detail on the blog, be warned, there might be some time travelling backwards a few months!

Most importantly, our local supermarket is selling another brand of English tea! I actually hated this brand while I lived on that stupid little island but I am very homesick these days, so any English foods and drinks are great for me 😀


Okay, onto real stuff. The electricians noticed that our kitchen worktop was too large and that it would stick out beyond the doorway! So I had to create a new wall inside the doorway to make the wall long enough to contain our kitchen ambitions, it was tricky, but I am getting quite confident at making walls now 😀



I had to make some fancy wall section as the wall stuck out more before the doorway compared to after the doorway, turned out ok!

By the way: I did 2 more things that I did not take any pics of for some reason. 1 Was that I put wood planks on the ceiling at 40cm distances so we could put ceiling panels up there. 2 was that I then put insulation up there. AND 3 is that I dug up the floor in the kitchen AND removed all the wood-chip insulation to reveal the sewage pipes, then the plumbers did some shit, then I covered it all up again, IT WAS HARD AND TOOK AGES. Plumbers are lazy bastards and I will never forgive them. Yeah, I am salty as fuck about that. Plumbers have literally wasted weeks or months of this project, no other type of workmen has wasted so much of our time. I’ll take a lot of pleasure next time Mario gets eaten by a turtle next time I have a nostalgia session and play an old Mario game! Plumbers succkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Next thing to do was to make the arch between the green room and the kitchen. We noticed the walls I had made months ago were not the same width, so I made new wall sections to make it symetrical.

I think I had not made them symetrical for a reason at the time, but I don’t remember why!


After some precision chopping, I made an archway! Not too bad for a first try.


Here is the other side, with the wood exposed.


Jesper did not help, but he was very tired anyway!


He woke up though once we filled the food bucket! (This is just where we store food, he is not supposed to eat from here!)


We also went to some hippy festival thing, it was pretty cool and there was an oldschool arcade in there! We learned that M is freaking badass at street fighter! …and most other fighting games we tried. OR maybe I am terrible at them, who knows!


Then Summer suddenly happened! We have a nice yellow meadow garden, I should really cut it but I am too busy doing house stuff and our lawn mower is totally seriously crap 😀


We discovered a stash of cocaine under the floor, M especialy enjoyed it:


After a week or so of plastering between the plasterboards, (WHICH IS HARD AND STRESSFULL) it was time to start painting the undercoat (stupid white paint):



Eventually after 2 layers, it was done, at it looked pretty good! Most of my silly n00b plastering mistakes were covered up by the paint, phew!



Of course, the next step was to make everything green!


After making it green, the next step was to put up the ceiling panels, some super strong tattoo’ed girl turned up to do the sawing!



It went pretty smoothly, we had an expert chopping the panels, and the they slotted together really easily:


Before long, it was done!


This weekend, M is on some weird choir trip, so rather than wasting time on the jungle (garden) I decided to put the kitchen floor in.

It went pretty smoothly, but after a while there were some uneven parts of the floor, so I added more underlay foam stuff to those sections so the floor would (wood) har har not wobble.

The original floor in the kitchen is really messy as I had to take a large part of it out to reveal the sewage pipes for the stupid plumber as it was obviously a too big job for them. I then had to re-make the floor out of whatever wood I could find, so it is not totally flat and even.


I had to make a cute square hole thing for the sink sewage pipes:


After 5 hours, a few bucket of sweat, and a fantastic Sherlock Holmes audiobook later, it was done!



That is all for now! I expect next week I will start making the IKEA kitchen stuff, exciting!



Ok so we’re only almost halfway done, but as you can see, we are past the trickiest point already!

And the walls actually look a bit green now!

Kitchen on its way!


Yesterday we finally started painting the kitchen!

First coat of primer and it looks really bad and uneven. 

Second coat and it’s nice and even, but boring white. 

Tonight however it is a lovely shade of green (which of course doesn’t translate to iPhone pictures, you can check out the shade here)

Tomorrow we’ll give it a second green coat, then we can start installing the ceiling and the floor. Things are happening!

Rumour has it


We have a working toilet, and I can confirm, it is true!

Yesterday since about 1600, I was gladly announcing that I was going to the toilet – because I can!! Cheering and waving my hands every occasion. Thankfully it didn’t stick and I am able to go normally now, without celebration. 

So today I worked on getting our mirror up, I did most of it on my own (I love IKEA – Lego for grown ups), and T was busy trying to plaster the seams in the kitchen. He will continue tomorrow I think. 

Well, here it is in all its glory, currently the finest room in this house (despite missing light and a working tap)!

On a side note, I cut my fringe yesterday and now I look 15 again…

Jesper was enjoying the view from the kitchen window today. He is such a little hero, he got badly beaten by Bully yesterday. Now I know the feeling of spray on my face when a cat comes in with a bleeding ear and decides to give it a shake…

But nothing ever breaks his spirits!

Time flies when nothing happens


That’s 5 weeks without a toilet. I’m sure something must have happened since coz there have been work men here, but everything is so slow. 

Tear up the floor in the toilet and realise there’s really not much to make a new floor on. That’s going to add to the schedule. But now we have a floor and a back wall (so pretty!) and I think the next step is tiles on the floor and wall panels. 

You’d think iPhones had a white balance option but no…

Yesterday the electrician was here to do the wiring in the kitchen!

So today T was eager to continue in the kitchen and Paroced the remaining wall. 

I’ve been mostly knocked out by a killer headache and an equally murderous stomach ache. We also had a bit of thunder. 

To not end on a negative note, here’s a pic from one of the two days we’ve spent on the beach this week!