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2017, from a cat perspective


Ok, so I’m not sure why (maybe I’m crazy) but I’ve been tracking things related to our cats throughout the year. Which means I can now give you a delightful (hope you’re not eating) report to analyse and enjoy.

In 2017 our cats…

  • Brought 13-15 mice into the house
    • 6 were not caught in the act
    • 2 were brought by Kasper
    • 4 were brought by Jesper + he brought three in one night, so we aren’t sure if they were three different mice or not
  • One bird brought indoors by Jesper
  • 34 ticks were in our house
    • 10 were on Kasper, of which 2 were not stuck in his skin yet
    • 24 were on Jesper, of which 16 were just crawling around in his fur


Personal analysis comes to the conclusion that mice and birds only get brought indoors if the weather is too horrible to enjoy the snack outside. This is supported by the fact only one bird made it indoors, hardly anything is brought inside in the summer and we have additionally seen them enjoy outdoors snacks. I also draw the conclusion that Kasper has picked up on us chasing them back out if we see them enter the house with meals (he is very smart after all).

Concerning ticks, I conclude that a) ticks are much easier to spot in Jesper’s white fur, b) they might have an easier time grabbing on to his fur than Kasper’s and c) Jesper might spend more time in places with many ticks than Kasper.

I thank you and apologize for this blog post and assure you there will be another in a year (we have already logged one mouse in this year’s calendar)!


Getting there


Time flies and I’ve forgotten to post updates. Without much further ado:

Having a light wall really makes a difference on the overall brightness of the space!

Entranced by changeĀ 


(I swear I’m gonna run out of puns soon)

Again, didn’t have time to take pictures before choir duty on Wednesday and yesterday we went to Turku. 

Next step (pun intended) required some precisely shaped plasterboard. We made a template from a paper roll to make sure it would be a good fit. 

And it was!

Just one small section of wall left and this corner will be done. 

Today we finally bought a replacement handle for our sauna door. Metal handle in a place that easily gets 100 degrees is a bad idea and a replacement has been on my mind for a long time. So we bought a wood knob and a roller latch. 

T is working on it right now so the after pic will have to wait until next time. 

Happy weekend!

Making an entrance


I didn’t have time to take a picture of our progress before going to choir practice yesterday and of course when I got back it was dark. 

Today’s progress isn’t very visible since it was mostly more framework but I assure you, a lot was done. The floor temperature has already gone up by 4 degrees (but T pointed out it might be a warmer day to begin with). 

Project Entrance


Fast forward a year or so, and we have more or less finished our living room (just need to get the plugs and light switch installed by the electrician). 

Now it’s time to get this entrance up and running. Let’s see how well I manage to keep updates going. 

Today we ripped off the last of the wallpaper and tried getting out all the annoying small nails. 

So here’s where we are today (with an ever so small sneak peak into our living room in the background):



Ok so we’re only almost halfway done, but as you can see, we are past the trickiest point already!

And the walls actually look a bit green now!

Kitchen on its way!


Yesterday we finally started painting the kitchen!

First coat of primer and it looks really bad and uneven. 

Second coat and it’s nice and even, but boring white. 

Tonight however it is a lovely shade of green (which of course doesn’t translate to iPhone pictures, you can check out the shade here)

Tomorrow we’ll give it a second green coat, then we can start installing the ceiling and the floor. Things are happening!



This week we finally got our shots against the incurable disease the ticks carry. As a result we’ve both had extremely sore left arms for a couple of days. But we have managed to almost finish plastering the seams in the kitchen. Sanding them down to be all nice and smooth is quite hard work. 

But enough about that. Here are some awesomely summery pictures from our garden, where I’m sat in the sun waiting for the barbecue to start. 

Rumour has it


We have a working toilet, and I can confirm, it is true!

Yesterday since about 1600, I was gladly announcing that I was going to the toilet – because I can!! Cheering and waving my hands every occasion. Thankfully it didn’t stick and I am able to go normally now, without celebration. 

So today I worked on getting our mirror up, I did most of it on my own (I love IKEA – Lego for grown ups), and T was busy trying to plaster the seams in the kitchen. He will continue tomorrow I think. 

Well, here it is in all its glory, currently the finest room in this house (despite missing light and a working tap)!

On a side note, I cut my fringe yesterday and now I look 15 again…

Jesper was enjoying the view from the kitchen window today. He is such a little hero, he got badly beaten by Bully yesterday. Now I know the feeling of spray on my face when a cat comes in with a bleeding ear and decides to give it a shake…

But nothing ever breaks his spirits!

The adventures of Little Guy


We had just had dinner and I was kicking it back in bed with Jesper when I heard these strange squeaking noises from outside. Jesper of course heard it too and zoomed out, only to return shortly with a mouse in his mouth. Ugh not this again. Well we were kinda prepared and I quickly got the box which we carried the previous mouse out in. I picked it up with the jumper and realised soon that this is not a grown mouse. Not soon after Kasper tried to bring one in as well, but he turned around. I’m pretty sure there must have been a nest right outside our window. Anyways, this poor little mouse in my hand seemed really on the edge of death and I was really dreading having to break its neck or whatever, but it was quite alive indeed once it received a proper poke! So I sat down on the porch trying to decide what to do. 

T retrieved a box for screws filled with toilet paper so we would have somewhere to keep it while we tried to figure out this mess. Google told us this mouse was probably around two weeks old. 

Soon I decided that the only option  I’d be satisfied with was to take our little friend on a car ride and release him in the forest, farther away from houses and gardens with cats. Of course, there’s a good chance something else will eat it, but at least we haven’t actively fed it to anything. 

As soon as I opened the box when we got out of the car, he became very lively, which I thought was a good sign. A couple of times he tried to skitter towards me so I helped him in the right direction and soon he was scattering out of sight into the underbush. 

Goodbye little guy!