Day 1


We went to our house today to see if the people were done emptying it. As it was, their car was parked outside just as we arrived and I remembered I still owe them €50 for the awesome Singer table (which I found out today still has the machine too omg omg can’t wait to see if it works!), so we turned around to find a cash machine and by the time we got back they were gone. Oh well. 

Since we had the place all empty and for ourselves for once we decided to take a little peek under the wallpapers to see what we’re dealing with. Then we got inspired and decided to tear it all off. I give you The Green Room (the floor is green). 

And now you know why we were so eager to tear the wallpaper down! It might look ok-ish on this scale, but imagine a whole room with it?!

Under this wallpaper was a layer of much nicer looking wallpaper before some newspaper (including a Helsingin Sanomat from 15th of June 1950, which is interesting if it was built in -55, who stores newspapers for 5 years?) The bits that didn’t get torn to pieces made for some interesting reading. Especially the one with “new woollen beach trousers!” So old. So cheesy. 


We also had fun tearing out some planks from the useless in-built cupboard which we won’t keep. 

All in all a productive day. Especially since we stopped to get some protective gloves and a crowbar and other bits and pieces for the next time!


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